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02 September 2014

Day Opportunities through Willowbank

Day Opportunities through Willowbank autumn to avail of any of these please register your interest with Patricia on 02887722821 ext 3860 or email patricia@willowbankcommunity.org

Keep up to date with courses and activities via our website www.willowbankcommunity.org if you have ideas for courses you would like to see run in your area please let us know.

Lobbying Activism and Research Group

Weekly meetings will resume in September- this group is always keen to engage with new members so if you are a person with a disability who can commit some time to making the voices of disabled people heard this may well be the group for you. Established in 2003 the group works extensively with UUJ and QUB undergraduate Social Work students, responds to policy documents and meets with elected representatives and others within the statutory and community sector to keep disability issues on the agenda

Table Top Gardening

This course makes gardening accessible to everyone. Facilitated by the Get up & Grow gardening team you will learn how to identify your soil type, what to plant and when, plant propagation and plant care. The course will be directed by the participants and will enable the interested garden to explore and expand their growing skills. Wednesday Afternoons commencing September – December 2014

Alternative Therapies

Would you like to find out what essential oils are and how they can influence our mood and aid general health and wellbeing and at the same time find out how to use them around the home to create a serene and restful environment? Then this may be the course for you facilitated by experienced reflexologist Isobel Johnston this course commences on Tuesday afternoons commencing September – December 2014

Yoga and lifestyle

Is the pace of today’s consumerist life getting to you?  Then his course may help you find inner calmness through relaxation. Commencing on Wednesday mornings September 2014

Creative Arts

Unleash your creative side and let your creative juices flow, in this facilitated Creative Arts course commencing Thursday Mornings September-December 2014

Health, Fitness and Fun

Join us in Dungannon Leisure Centre on Thursday afternoons where your facilitator will work out your own personal fitness regime. September – December 2014

Storytelling Workshops in Dungannon Library

Steve Lally Workshop – I’m not a reader but I enjoy a good story

You don’t have to be able to read to enjoy a book.  There are many ways we can all enjoy a book these days whether it’s listening to it via CD, an audio book or an MP3.

Renowned storyteller Steve Lally will facilitate 6 sessions in Dungannon Library starting from the books of our childhood, helping us to connect or reconnect with books or authors we can all enjoy.   The workshops will also encourage people to create art work & tell stories based on their interests.     

Workshops are specifically designed to make reading accessible to everyone regardless of our reading ability.   

Workshops will take place on Mondays 10.30 – 12.30, 18th August – 29thSeptember. 

Getting Online (Beginners & Improvers Lessons)

Beginners classes – this is a 4 week course specifically designed to introduce people to the computer & keyboard, the internet (exploring websites, using search engines and email)

Improvers Class – this is a 6 week class helping people to use the internet and become familiar with various features of the internet.  (Sessions are designed to help people Browse online shops and shop safely, learn about Internet security and identity theft, Email and personalizing settings).

Date to be confirmed

Consumer Rights – 6 weeks

This class will help people to find out more about their consumer rights, how to shop around when it comes to getting the best deal, banking, what is the best way to pay for goods & services and will provide practical tips on budgeting.  The class will last 6 weeks and

 Consumer council – what do they do?

 Insurance and how to seek a better deal on what we are paying (Home, Contents & Car)

 Bank Accounts (Opening or switching accounts)

 Paying for Goods – whats the safest way to pay?

 Contracts when buying or selling something – what are my rights

 Home & Christmas Budget Planning

 The consumer council  

Getting out and about in Your local area

This is a 4 week class designed to help people to make choices around places they would like to visit and travel to in their local area.  What’s on in the cinema, in the local theatre, library or where is a good place to eat.  To participate in this class everyone should identify 1 thing they would like to do/place they would like to go and assist in the planning of the activity for a small group of others who would also like to participate.   The course is designed to help people get involved in deciding on and planning an activity for a small group of friends. 

Week 1 – identifying your interests and what there is to do locally?

Week 2 – Pitching your ideas to the group & discussing practicalities.

Week 3 – Agreeing on what to do/where to go?

Week 4 – Getting out

Dates to be confirmed


Golfing – The Rory McIlroy Effect

Are you interested in golfing but would need some of the basics to get you started.  Viviene Teague will facilitate a 1-2-1 session with you in your local club, teach you some of the basics and walk you through how you could become a member.

Inclusive Games

People with disabilities in Northern Ireland want to participate in sport for the same reasons as everyone else in society: – to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle; to gain a sense of achievement or challenge; to develop their natural sporting talent or simply for the fun and enjoyment of taking part.  They also have the right to participate in sport.

This 3.5hr course is run by Disability Sports NI and will provide participants with the knowledge to run activity sessions in a range of inclusive games/sports in which disabled and non-disabled children and adults can participate. 

The Inclusive Games included in the course are:
• Boccia
• Goalball
• Table Top Games
• New Age Kurling
• Zone Hockey
• Zone Football
• Tee Rounders
On completion of the course all participants will receive an ‘Inclusive Games’ resources pack as well as a Disability Sports NI Certificate of Attendance.

Confidence to question

Are there things in your life that challenge you to situations where you wish you had the confidence to speak out then this facilitate course may be what you have been searching for commencing Wednesday afternoons for six weeks in September-October


Get rid of your frustrations and at the same time develop strengthen and tone your upper body. Commencing Friday Mornings September 2014

Unless otherwise stated course are two hours. Mornings 10.30 -12.30, Afternoons 1.00 -3.00

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