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Service User Group publishes brain injury poster

08 February 2011

Brain Injury Service User Group in the Southern Trust.

 Service User Group publishes brain injury poster

A new poster which will help people with a brain injury access support has been developed by the Brain Injury Service User Group in the Southern Trust.

Janet Crumley, Senior Social Worker with the Southern Area Brain Injury Team, says that the poster was designed by service users to capture the confusion and complexity of brain injury with the clear connection that there is a service available to help.

“A head injury is an event which may cause bruising, swelling or damage to the brain. It may be caused as a result of a road traffic accident, fall, assault or a sporting accident. Having a brain injury can be very challenging but knowing how to access help can be reassuring. A brain injury can affect anyone at any time in their life and that person will take part in everyday activities like accessing health and social care services, hobbies, and participating in sports and leisure interests.”

Harry McCourt, a service user who lives in Banbridge explains, “Whenever I had my accident 25 years ago there wasn’t as much help as there is today. My family and I were left to our own devices with no support or understanding of the situation. The poster is a great idea and if it helps get information to people with a brain injury that support is there then it will be of great benefit to individuals and their family and friends.”

Lurgan man Kenny Clydesdale, adds, “Just knowing some things can change after you have a knock to the head and knowing how you can get help can be reassuring especially for your family.”

The poster identifies the impact that can result from a brain injury – emotional, social, memory and recall, and physical changes.

Occupational Therapist Lena Canavan says, “A group of eight service users interested in the development and promotion of brain injury services were chosen to represent the Trust area and its demographic population. The group comprises men and women across a wide age range representing a spectrum of brain injuries and various stages in the recovery process.”

The group has commented on the current way the team provides services to people with a traumatic brain injury and is looking at the development of services.

Janet Crumley adds, “The group has generated a number of ideas which they would like to develop including publishing a journal with tips on managing the effects of a brain injury from a personal perspective and providing training for carers and groups. Thanks to the suggestion of the Service User Group, the Area Brain Injury Team now provides brain injury awareness sessions to all new service users.”

The poster will be sent to A&E departments, GP surgeries and Social Services facilities throughout the Southern Trust. Copies are available from the Area Brain Injury Team by email: Southern.ABIT@southerntrust.hscni.net or telephoning 028 3839 8350.    



For further information contact Lisa Cartmill,

Email: lisa.cartmill@southerntrust.hscni.net

communications manager, telephone (028) 3861 2579.



Service user Harry McCourt; Lena Canavan, occupational therapist; Kenny Clydesdale, service user; and Janet Crumley, senior social worker, with the new poster

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