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07 March 2013 at 00:00

Willowbank investor People Awards

Willowbank Investors In People Award

Willowbank Investor People Awards

Bernadette McAliskey accepts the Willowbank Investors In People Award from Stephen Farry Dept Employment & Learning


New Clait International 
Level  1 Certificate09/06/2009
Clait Plus 
Level 2 Certificate16/2/2009
Level 2 Diploma12/10/2009
BCS Levels 1 and 2 
BCS Level 1/ECDL Essential09/09/2009
BCS Level 229/09/2009
Text Production 
Level 1 Award16/09/2009
Level 2 Certificate29/09/2009
ECDL Certificate07/09/2009
ECDL Advance 
ECDL Adv. – Word Processing09/02/2010
ECDL Adv. –  Spread Sheets20/04/2010
ECDL Adv. –  Data Base12/07/2010
ECDL Adv. – Power Point22/02/2010
OCN Employability 
NOCN Employability Level 231/03/2010
PC Maintenance 
PC Maintenance Complete28/05/2010
OCR Level 1 Bookkeeping19/03/2010
OCR Level 1 Computerised Ac/s21/09/2010
Exam Part 127/04/2010
Exam Part 227/05/2010
Exam Part 315/06/2010

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